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Who Photographs Kebabs?

Basically an art and photo blag because I rarely uploaded such stuff onto my main.

Needless to say, I'll mainly be posting both my own artwork and photography work and work by artists I greatly admire and/or inspire and influence me. But, please, if you wish, feel free to talk to me as much as you like, I like talking to people! Incidentally, I promise to apologize for every crappy drawing I produce.

Other Final pieces for my recent project for A2 art. They’re supposed to be alternate versions of this guy. The dude in the black and white one was meant to come across as dull and depressed, just as the version of him in the digital drawing of him is meant to be like.

The guy playing the sax in the spot colour drawing is looking more cheerful compared to the other two. I had this idea that he was more a free spirit compared to the other two. As if he needn’t have fame or fortune to be happy. He doesn’t feel trapped or jealous of others. He’s just happy with doing what he loves.

Both of these were drawn traditionally with pen, ink and screentone/saftmat.

Pictures & Ideas © Biocchi (Sophia M. Wilson)