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Who Photographs Kebabs?

Basically an art and photo blag because I rarely uploaded such stuff onto my main.

Needless to say, I'll mainly be posting both my own artwork and photography work and work by artists I greatly admire and/or inspire and influence me. But, please, if you wish, feel free to talk to me as much as you like, I like talking to people! Incidentally, I promise to apologize for every crappy drawing I produce.

A study of a classmate of mine in Art. Trying out realism and life studies. (Yet, oddly enough, we haven’t had anyone come in to pose for figure drawing, not that I’m complaining, it’s just something I find strange that we haven’t done that for Art at college yet).

In any case, I was working on my realism and portrait work recently, I think I’m gradually improving. Gradually.

Artwork © Biocchi (Sophia M. Wilson)