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Who Photographs Kebabs?

Basically an art and photo blag because I rarely uploaded such stuff onto my main.

Needless to say, I'll mainly be posting both my own artwork and photography work and work by artists I greatly admire and/or inspire and influence me. But, please, if you wish, feel free to talk to me as much as you like! I'll try not scare you~

Incidentally, I promise to apologize for every crappy drawing I produce.

Maybe I should upload art directly to my art blog rather than to my main first.


This was originally meant to be a doodle of a Porky bot but ended up making a full fledged drawing of ACTUAL King Porky instead.

I had to take a photo since I don’t have a scanner, but either way, the colours are slightly different to the actual drawing, which is both good and bad.


**I was two thirds of the way through this until I then realised that I had somehow misread the palette number as 3 instead of 9 and ended up using the wrong colour scheme because I am a stupid moron. (I am working on the correct one as I’ve said previously before, but I just couldn’t wait any longer to post this one, so here.)

This palette was hard to think of any ideas for with Porky at first until this came to mind. I really like the background and the markings on the spider mech.


I drew Gorillaz since I haven’t drawn them since I was 12 and they’re actually my one of my favourite bands I grew up with from when they first began in 1998. They’re earlier designs are my favourite because nostalgia.

I had to take a photo of the image since I don’t have a scanner where I am right now, but I’ll try and get a better quality image soon. I am gomen.

Gorillaz © Damon Albarn & Jamie Hewlett
Picture © Yours Truly


So I drew everyone’s favourite bitchy angel…

… also with no background because I’m too much of a lazy twatbag.


I have a feeling that at some point in Porky’s childhood, he probably had a cuddly toy pig or something.


Teddy layin’ down the SICKEST JAMS OF YOUR LIFE.

30 Day Drawing Challenge #9: Your favourite cartoon/anime character.

What can I say? He’s a really charming character.

I actually kind of forgot how to draw him, so I actually referenced an old drawing I did of him for the red jacket picture. As for the his green jacket counterpart, I was watching The Fuma Conspiracy and did a study of a frame from the animation.

30 Day Drawing Challenge 8#:Something with your favourite colour.

I have a feel that it meant to draw something IN your favourite colour, but I may have realised that too late. Instead, I drew canned orange juice because oranges and orange juice are orange, and thus share the colour  as my favourite colour.