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Who Photographs Kebabs?

Basically an art and photo blag because I rarely uploaded such stuff onto my main.

Needless to say, I'll mainly be posting both my own artwork and photography work and work by artists I greatly admire and/or inspire and influence me. But, please, if you wish, feel free to talk to me as much as you like! I'll try not scare you~

Incidentally, I promise to apologize for every crappy drawing I produce.


Two different alphabets. One made from paper cutting and the other entirely out of strips of washi tape by folding them with no cutting to form the letterforms. Work of the typography module for my BA Graphic Design course. The idea was to create handmade/homemade type with found/discarded objects.

While the tape wasn’t discarded or found, the knifes used to cut the letters out were, since on the day we started doing this, I found a set of craft knives and blades in my drawers that a student I guess from a previous year left behind.

But, whatever, man. They’re mine now. :’D

Work © Biocchi/Molokomoko


A work in progress.

Admiring looking Tracy with a shy Picky.


Ha ha ha ha ha. Nerd…

[Based off of this clip.]

Art by Biocchi/Molokomoko


Stages of progression so far…


Cute siblings!

While I’ve been working on the this picture, I doodled Picky Minch and Ness’ sister, Tracy from Earthbound because they’re really cute and awesome. aaaahhh m(_ _;;)m.

♥? u v u





Lazy blinking GIF of some girl I drew.

Edit- Don’t you dare upload this to any other image hosting websites such as weheartit without permission or credit, I swear to God.

OC ask: Erasmus 7 & 17 :D


I should have answered these earlier, I’m sorry.

7. Something they’re proud of?

After the creation of Erasmus, she later updated him with a function where he could record things and remember music files and so…



17. Are they good with technology?

Only to some degree, but he can only just barely do his own maintenance checks without his creator.

I like to think that she teaches him more to do about that topic over time.

"There’s a really great article about you in tomorrow’s paper.
Nice photo of you on the front page too.
Wish you’d be able to see it…”

University work. Idea is to do some form of visual narrative based on tweets from twitter. I chose to do an anthology of comics. This is a plan of one of the pages.

This page was influenced off this tweet from @NightValerRadio which I am pretty certain I skewed the context of entirely because Nightvale’s supposed to be creepy but funny, right?

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Uuuhh… This is something I produced as a small animation one of my Graphic Design projects because we were told to make a sort of an animation with sound at some point and so I guess this is sort of a result…

It was supposed to be ironic.

I’m both embarrassed and happy with it I guess. I might make an extended version.

Robot & Animation © Biocchi/Molokomoko
Human After All © Daft Punk